Date substraction in Derby

Derby, a pure Java SQL database, doesn't support date substraction!

ij> SELECT DATE('2000-01-10') - DATE('2000-01-01') AS date_diff FROM dict_country;
ERROR 42Y95: The '-' operator with a left operand type of 'DATE' and a right operand type of 'DATE' is not supported.

Derby was originally an IBM product, under name "Cloudscape", released on Apache license by IBM some time ago. It's a very nice database engine, but those dates… what the heck?

Going to Poland and not having my bike stolen

Stealing is not common in Denmark. I can go out shopping on my bike with a trailer and I don’t have to worry that somebody steals it while I’m picking yoghurts from shelves. How is it going to be in Poland? I will have to buy heavier locks and lock both my bike and the trailer. And not only lock the wheels, but also tie vehicles to some heavy object so they can’t be loaded on a truck and carried away for lock removal.

Home music studio on Linux

Jack Audio Connection Kit + Hydrogen + Rosegarden + ZynAddSubFX + MIDI cable + new soundard with MIDI support for ALSA + (last but not least) Technics piano with MIDI out = Home studio! Did I miss anything? Oh yeah – Linux of course.

I tried the same thing about two years ago, but it was a failure. All applications were crashing very often, I got annoyed and gave up. Now it seems a lot different. Rosegarden crashed only once during today's session.

One of the quirks was the necessity of Jack recompilation. The jackd from SuSE 9.3 RPM package produced an "Illegal instruction" error. After recompiling it started working fine.

What's next? I think now I need to collect good-sounding instruments for ZynAddSubFX and try to install some LADSPA effects.

Nokia 6610i and IrDA

I finally communicated with my Nokia 6610i by IrDA port in my Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2000D. It required a nasty modification in the driver code (nsc-ircc.c), but finally I got both devices talking to each other. I used gammu. Now I can send SMS messages and download/upload graphics. I'd like to modify the nsc-ircc driver so it recognizes and talks to my IrDA port nicely. Now I just commented out two lines of code that prevented the driver from loading after an unsuccessful IO port allocation.

UPDATE: As for the kernel version 2.6.16, the nsc-ircc driver works fine without any modification. 

First entry

My first blogger entry. I just came across the "Drivel" program in my Dropline Gnome installation. I'd like to try out few blog sites to find out, which one is the best.

UPDATE: This blog was originally started on Blogger and was then migrated to WordPress. The main reason for migration was the instability of Blogger URLs and lack of categories.