EACTS Congenital Database

A Method of Comparing Hospitals

Based On The EACTS Congenital Database

Ideas for this thesis have been developed when working with the EACTS Congenital Database. It approaches two problems.

1. Reshaping the data so a statistical analysis is possible

The Nomenclature (a list of diagnoses and procedures) is constructed in a way which makes any statistical analysis difficult. An attempt is made to create a new list which holds the principle of single point of truth.

TGA and VSD example

2. Quality of care evaluation

Hospitals want their quality of care to be evaluated, yet every hospital has a different profile. Using mortality without any regard to operation complexity yields unfair results, especially for the ambitious hospitals.

While other methods employ arbitrary (assigned by hand) score values, proposed method learns from the facts.

Example view of VLD in comparison to other hospitals

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