Correct Answers

I had this idea for some time now, but I never bothered to draw it. However… here’s my strip, titled “Correct Answers”:

Correct Answers

…I did my strip in 10 minutes with

Supernatural for Linux users

 I bet you guys have a hard time figuring out how it works with woo-woos. Here you have it black on white. If a woo-woo would be a sysadmin, they would do more or less:

$ dd if=/dev/urandom of=i-believe bs=1 count=$RANDOM
18676+0 records in
18676+0 records out
18676 bytes (19 kB) copied, 0.172968 s, 108 kB/s
$ chmod 755 i-believe
$ ./i-believe

And voila! All the work is done!

Please protect this area from dust

For those who want to charm their Polish builders, there’s an informative article on how to do that.

Being a native Polish speaker myself, I’ve found a sophisticated amendment done apparently by the person who translated the original English sentences. Original phrase number seven is:

Please protect this area from dust.

However, the Polish translation has this one tiny yet important addition:

Please protect this area from dust and beer.

Now, that’s a thoughtful translator!

UPDATE: Michał suggested that it wasn’t beer, but phonetically spelled dust. He’s probably right. I’m keeping the entry anyway, to remember this funny misreading

People who live in Ireland

The latest poll taken by the Government asked people who live in Ireland if they think Polish immigration is a serious problem:

23% of respondents answered: Yes, it is a serious problem.
77% of respondents answered: Absolutnie żaden. To nie jest poważna kwestia.


Personally, I think that it in fact is a major problem, but not for Ireland. It is a major problem for Poland.