Vem pro meu lounge – bass line transcript

Some two years ago, I was listening to a compilation of forró music on YouTube, and one bass line caught my attention. The song was Vem pro meu lounge by Wesley Safadão. Virtually everybody who heard my interest in the song’s bass line, mocked me for it. Apparently Safadão’s music is not held in high regard. But, I was truly impressed that such a rich and improvised bass line could make it into popular music. That could never happen in Europe.

Sadly, the original recording I worked with, has been taken down from YouTube. There is a number of live recordings of the song; they all sound quite close, but since Lourinho improvises the bass line, none of them will be an exact match (this one is quite close).

I’m not 100% sure who the bass player on this recording is, but it’s probably Guilherme Santana (instagram). The playing style matches closely other videos I’ve found online.


Here’s the bass line in the ABC notation for the future generations:

T:Vem pro meu lounge
V:1 bass nm="Bass guitar"
z8 z4 z2 C,,2 |"^intro" D,,8- D,,2A,,2 G,,F,,E,,C,, | D,,12 E,,4 | F,,16 | C,,16 | B,,,16 | %6
D,,8 .D,,.D,,2D,,/D,,/ .E,,.E,,2E,,/E,,/ | F,,16 | C,,8- C,,4- C,,2D,,C,, | %9
B,,,2 z2 B,,2C,2 D,2C,2B,,2A,,2 | G,,G,, z2 z4 z8 | B,,,B,,, z2 z4 z8 | F,,F,, z2 z4 z8 | %13
C,4 z2 F,G, B,A,G,F, D,2G,,2 || F,,G,, z2 F,G, z2 F,,G,, z2 G,F,D,C, | %15
B,,2<B,,,2 C,,D,,F,,G,, .B,,.B,, z B,,- B,,.B,, z C, | F,,4 C,D,F,D, .F,.F, z F, .E,.E,D,=D, | %17
C,D,D=D C.=A,,D,=D, C,.=E,,D,,=D,, C,,2=C,,2 | B,,,2>F,,2 G,,B,,G,,F,, B,,2<B,,,2 D,,=D,,C,,2 | %19
z2 F,,2E,,2D,,2 C,,2 z2 z4 | z16 | z8 z2 z C,, D,,F,,D,,C,, | %22
F,,2 z2 C,C,D,C, .F,.F, z (F, .E,)E,D,=D, | C,D,E,G, C=D,D=E ^ED,DD, CDA,D | %24
=A,D^A,D =A,DG,D F,2D,C, F,F,D,A,, | B,,B,,G,,G,, F,,G,,B,,B,,, z2 z C,, D,,F,,D,,C,, | %26
F,,2 z2 C,C,D,C, F,=A,,E,=E,, D,E,,=D, z | z C, z2 G,,A,,C,C,- C,C,A,,G,, C,,G,,C,,=D,, | %28
D,,2 z2 C,D, z C, D,.F,.D,A,, D,A,,C,F,, | B,,B,,G,, z F,,2B,,,2- B,,,2 z2 C,,D,,F,,G,, | %30
F,,2 z2 C,D,F,D, F,F,E,E, D,D,=D,D, | C,2 z2 B,,2C,2{/C,} D,2C,2B,,2A,,2 | %32
G,,G,, z2 z C,D,D, F,F,D,=D, C,B,,G,,F,, | B,,.B,,C,C, D,D,F,G,{A,} B, z A, z G,2.F,2 | %34
{/G,} A,CG, z F,2D,C, F,F,, z2 .E,,2.D,,2 | z C,,C,, z z G,,A,,C, z C,, z2 C,,D,,F,,D,, | %36
F,,G,, z2 F,G, z2 F,,G,, z2 G,F,D,C, | B,,B,,.G,,2 F,,2B,,,2- B,,,4 C,,D,,F,,D,, | %38
F,,2 z2 C,C,C,C, F,=E,,A,,E,, B,,E,,=C,E,, | C,G, z G, G,,G,,A,,G,, C,C,G,,2 C,G,,C,=C, | %40
B,,G,,F,,B,,,- B,,,F,,G,,B,, B,,,4 D,,=D,,C,,2 | z2 F,,2E,,2D,,2 C,,8 | %42
D,,2 z2 G,,A,, z C, D,F,.D,A,, D,A,,C,A,, | .B,,B,, z B,, D,2F,2 .B,,B,,.A,,A,, .B,,B,, z C,/D,/ | %44
F,.F, z F, z F,C,D, F,F, z F, E,E,D,=D, | C,D,G,A, B,A,G,F, E,D,C,A,, D,C,=A,,F,, | %46
D,,2 z2 G,,A,,C,A,, C,D,2A,, D,A,,C,G,, | B,,F, z F, F,,F,,G,,F,, B,,,2>C,,2 D,,F,,G,,D,, | %48
F,,2 z2 C,C,C,C, .F,2.E,2 D,A,,.=D,2 | C,C,A,, z G,,A,,C,2 z4 G,,A,,C,A,, | %50
C,D, z2 A,,A,, z C, D,F, z A,, D,A,,C,G,, | B,,B,, z B,, G,,F,,B,,,2- B,,,4 C,,D,,F,,G,, | %52
F,,2 z2 C,2 z C, z C,F,,2 F,,G,,D,=D, | C,2 z C, G,G,C,2 z C,G,G, C,G,C,2 | %54
D,2 z D, A,A,A,A, G,G,.F,2 .D,2.C,2 | B,,2 z2 F,,G,,B,,.B,, z2 .B,,B,,- B,,B,,G,,=G,, | %56
F,,2 z2 C,D,F,D, F,F,E,E, D,D,=D,D, | C,2 z C, A,,G,,E,,D,, z2 C,,2C,,2C,,2 | %58
D,,D,, z2 z4 z8 |] %59

The above should work with the online ABC editor.

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