Driver Theory Test under Linux

Linux is not one of the platforms supported by the Irish Driver Theory Test software, but I decided to give it a go under Wine. It did not work, but not because of a problem in Wine (at least not directly), but because of some sort of a copy protection in DTT. For some reason the DTT software thinks that the CD is a virtual CD, even though it’s a physical disc inserted into the physical drive.

The dialog window says:

This CD is probably a “virtual CD” or a counterfeit copy (which may have been sold or given to you illegally). Pirated software damages the industry, may not contain the most recent questions and will be not supported by us. If you have inadvertently purchased a pirated copy then you should return it to the seller demanding a full refund. We would appreciate notification at: todtsu…

Perhaps the book store sold me an illegal copy, but it looks genuine. I’m wondering why is DTT thinking that the CD is not a physical disk.


Author: automatthias

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3 thoughts on “Driver Theory Test under Linux”

  1. have you had any luck with this since you posted your message? Want to run the cd rom on linuc myself but don’t know if it is worth the money if it won’t work on linux. thanks

  2. After writing this entry I installed it on Windows XP on my old laptop – the same error came up. I tried to send e-mail with support request to the e-mail given on the CD, but got no reply.

    Finally, I made a new installation of Windows XP in Virtual Box (running on Linux), and this time the CD worked.

    The experience of running this software wasn’t too good. Horrible user interface aside, the main problem was that it would lose the ability to restore saved state and progress on the tests – you could no longer log in and had to create a new account, starting from scratch.

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