I’m calling you regarding your Windows operating system

My home land line phone in Dublin doesn’t ring too often.  Maybe two or three times a month.  It rang today, but after I picked it up, the other side hung up.  It rang again some half an hour later, and when my girlfriend picked it up, the following conversation took place:

“Is this miss <correct last name>?”
“How are you?”
“I’m fine, how are you?”
“Good, good.  I’m calling you regarding your Windows operating system.”
“I don’t have the Windows operating system.”
“You don’t have a computer?”
“I do have a computer.”
“What operating system do you have then?”
“I have Linux.”
“Ah, you have Linux.” (hangup)

Have other people received such calls?  Is this a known scam?


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17 thoughts on “I’m calling you regarding your Windows operating system”

  1. Ah AH! don’t you have windows??? shame on you!!!
    I think it was some funny colleague!

  2. I have had 2 such calls myself, the first one I hung up on the second one wanted me to boot up my computer as he was telling me I had viruses on it. i told him I had no viruses and my anitvirus was working fine then I hung up……………….suspicious I suspect getting calls such as these………more than likely someone truing to hack in

  3. I keep getting these phone calls all the time. Can’t get rid of them. A guy called Bravo wants me to go through what giswald is talking about. Firstly I told them I have no computer and but then he called back and back again.He’s not hanging up though.

  4. hahaha ..im in Victoria Australia and Yes i have had these phone calls 3 times..the voice sounds like paki or maybe indian..not sure, anyway,
    he said i have a problem with windows..and he was going to fix it for me..wanted me to go to my computer…silly me dint let him finish..i was getting P..ed off. I said to him..do you know my ip address…he said yes…i asked..what is it then..he said…888….i stopped him..saying…Nooo Wrong..lol…he started again..…i laughed at him..saying thats a local ip silly man …Click..he hung up.
    In conclusion..next time i will play dumb..and see what he asks me to do.
    Maybe waste his time a little.
    Cheers guys..Ginger 🙂

  5. Been getting these calls at least 5 out of 7 days a week, suffice to say I am f^&king peeved and wish I could go to their call centre with a bloody grenade… or an e.m.p. what’s that I hear you say? You’re right a grenade would be cheaper…

    I think its a scam… as if microsoft would call you about error reports… bastards- die!!

  6. Yeah I got 2 of these calls now, first time I asked the guy to prove he is from Microsoft, he went on about about a minute telling me to go on Google and search for ‘is premium pc service linked with Microsoft’ and click on the Microsoft link. I replied ‘you can tell me to go to any real website and say your part of them over the phone’, at this point he snapped and told me to hang up if I didn’t trust him, so I did.

    Then I went to Microsoft support for Australia and found a warning article about phone scams.

    Here is the article http://www.microsoft.com/australia/presspass/post/microsoft-issues-warning-on-phone-scam

    Well if you don’t trust the link you can search the Australian Microsoft website for phone scam warning.

    Cheers from Jin

  7. I’ve had several of these moronic calls. They want you to log in to their website and give your credit card details. you can guess what they will do with them.

    String them along and waste their time or tell them to f**k off or jus hang up.

  8. I too have had these scam M.S. calls from Asia (somewhere),I use Ubuntu 11.10,so what I tend to do now is act bloody stupid which is not difficult by the way, what they will allways attempt is for you to start Run programme which is in windows os Windows +R button I think is their first move this I would think is so that they can install their own software (I assume)its usually about 10 mins into the call they start getting hot under the collar as I am now communicating with them like a five year old ,in the end I simply tell them I am using Linux thats when they shout & hang up!

  9. I have been getting these calls also. Area code is only 2 digits 52, tells me go turn my computer on as it is infected with virus…first told them to f off, 2nd one told him I was busy but he said he would call back. I can’t wait after reading these comments.

  10. Received a call today from an Asian person indicating that he was from Microsoft and i had a very dangerous virus on my windows operating system. He asked for me by name but had the wrong name which made me suspicious straight away. He then wanted me to press the windows button & R at the same time i was not happy with this and i told him this and that i was going to terminate the call, Which i did i Then rang 1471 and got the number 01158408095 when you ring the number back all you get is ” this number is not a valid telephone number”

  11. The good thing about the call is it’s easy to google anything they’ve said and find posts showing the scam! When I told the caller I thought it was a scam, they assured me it wasn’t, and asked me to just press windows +R. I told them they could not have access to my computer, and so if this was legit, to give me the steps, I’d write them down and google to find out if this was a scam. He said to hang on, he was getting his manager. I hung up, and they had the nerve to call back.. which I didn’t answer. Thanks for posting the scam here. I see windows has also posted a notificaton of the scam which has cost people hundreds of dollars to ‘fix’ their not broken computer.

  12. Just had the same call here in the uk. Started to lead them along and explained i was using a Apple – they hung up. Going to see how far I can go with them if they call again. I wonder how many people actually fall for their scam?

  13. Same thing here in the USA. I fell for it once but turned them in as scammers and refused to pay $199 for a fix-it they never did.
    ITech is their name. I tried to reach Microsoft and got them. They claim to be Microsoft representatives. Today, I received another call stating something about my windows program and my IP address. I hung up. When are these jerks going to quit bothering us?

  14. Something else I forgot. Before I went to ITech for help, someone had hacked into my e-mail and sent numerous fictitious messages which bounced back as “undeliverables”. They kept changing my e-mail password. I called my e-mail provider and was told to call Microsoft. That’s how I got ITech. They sound, look, advertise, and claim to be legitimate Microsoft techs. Then they want to control your computer and “fix” things and charge $199 to do nothing. Beware!

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