Honking motorists

What’s up with them? I’ve been honked at 4 times today. The last time, it was a car which passed some 1 meter from me, honked not before it approached me, but as it passed me; but that’s not all. Car’s window was open. As the car passed, just after it honked, somebody inside the car screamed in my direction, producing a sound you might hear in a horror movie.

Again, what’s up with them? A honk means DANGER, or “GET OUT OF MY WAY”. It means that as a cyclist, you need to make an action of some sort, and you need to do it quickly. With so much cars randomly honking, I start considering it spam. Which might make me ignore a legitimate honk in the future.

Motorists, please, please, don’t honk at me.


Author: automatthias

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