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About two years ago, I’ve started putting together a set of classes to allow Django to interact with a phpBB database. It was used to interact with phpBB 2.x at the time. The code was sitting together with the rest of the project I was working on.

The code was sitting idle for quite a while. I returned to it lately and decided to separate the phpBB-relevant part and create a new project, dedicated to creating Django-phpBB compatibility layer.

I’m currently working on updating the code to be compatible with Django 1.0 and phpBB 3.0. I’ve ported phpBB’s password hashing functions, my current focus is on the remaining user auth bits and updating the forum view code.

Project’s name is simply django-phpbb. Its goal is to allow you to access a live, unmodified phpBB database, read from it and authenticate users against it.

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7 thoughts on “Django – phpBB”

  1. Hi,
    As I understand, django-phpbb in it’s current state supports phpBB 3.x only and phpBB 2.x support was dropped before you made the source available to the public?

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