The Search for What Killed the Dinosaurs

The Teaching Company writes:

We know that these fearsome and awe-inspiring creatures were the prominent victims of the K-T extinction event—the mass extinction that killed off much of life on Earth around 65 million years ago. But even today, scientists are still looking for definitive answers to what caused this catastrophic event and why it signaled the end of the dinosaurs’ reign.

Why dinosaurs no longer rule the Earth is a question that has continually fascinated and challenged the world’s paleontologists and geologists. What does the answer to this question tell us about our own future on Earth? As a thank you for being our customer, here is a specially commissioned audio lecture: The Search for What Killed the Dinosaurs, delivered by leading U.S. paleontologist and award-winning Professor Peter Ward of the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington.

Listen to this free audio lecture between now and Monday, October 13, to discover a wealth of fascinating ideas behind the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

In case you wondered, the lecture is free. You can download it, and put it on your mp3 player, or burn it on an audio CD and play it in your car.


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