Olimpic lecture from The Teaching Company

TTC, The Teaching Company, produces courses on various topics. I’ve purchased several courses, all of them were excellent. I’m currently listening to Philosophy of Science course, which begins with a simple question “what makes science science?”, then turns to definition of definition and later on pursues the meaning of meaning. If it sounds crazy, it’s because it is. But it turns out that you really need to understand this kind of stuff if you want to know why science works and why do scientists get their grants.

I also watched a bit of human anatomy course, but hearing about all the things that can go wrong in heart basically make me faint, so I’m progressing rather slowly. But it’s nevertheless a fascinating course. It would have helped me a great deal if I watched it before writing my thesis.

Here’s today’s perk. In celebration of the 2008 Olympic Games in in Bejing, The Teaching Company makes a lecture about the history of olympic games available for free download. Lectures are available until the 4th of September 2008.

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