register365 and scp

My current hosting provider, hosting365 register365, is a traditional-style shared hosting service, where file upload is still done via FTP with passwords sent as clear text. They provide ssh access on demand, and it has to be manually approved by company’s staff. I don’t understand why don’t they provide shell by default. Maybe it’s part of being a traditional style hosting and trying to avoid the word “shell” or anything like it.

Shell they provide, but what about public key authentication? No, they don’t. As this is turned on by default in all Linux installations, they must have switched this option off. Why did they do that, remains a mystery as public key authentication is no less secure than password entry.

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Ctrl key not working in VNC

Continuing my series of short tech notes for future generations.

The problem: ctrl key not working in VNC session. xev command doesn’t show any events coming after pressing ctrl key.

Cause: You’re using Gnome, aren’t you? Gnome has a feature that allows to locate the pointer: if you press and release ctrl key, it will show a small animation around your pointer. Unfortunately, it interferes with vncviewer.

Solution: Few websites, including BBC, offer a fix: System → Preferences → Mouse → Cursors tab…

Problem with the solution: Oh noes! Cursor tab is not there! I can’t change the setting!

Solution to the problem with the solution: Use gconf-editor to change the setting: Applications → System Tools → Configuration Editor. Press CTRL+F. Type: “pointer”. Tick “search also in key names” and press “Find”. Click /desktop/gnome/peripherals/mouse/locate_pointer. Untick the checkbox next to it, on the top right pane.