USB storage devices and gparted

USB devices like pendrives and external drives stopped mounting. I couldn’t work out what was the problem. dmesg showed that the USB device was recognized. Gnome volume manager was started. Hal and dbus also working. And my drives just wouldn’t mount automatically.

I’ve finally found a solution on  The problem was that gparted, which I happened to install a while ago, put this file into hal’s configuration:


I found the „true” part in the file, changed it into „false”, restarted hal, and voila, my drives are being mounted now!

Why was the file put in that place? The story is, gparted puts it there on start so usb devices don’t get in its way. It removes this file on exit. On graceful exit, that is. If it’s killed, it doesn’t remove it and the file just stays there.

Author: automatthias

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