I’m a big fan of boomerang throwing. Boomerangs are, at the end of the day, mere wooden sticks. No moving parts, no electronics, no remote control. And yet, if you have skills to throw them, they will fly, turn, go up, go down, and land on your hand after a short gentle hover.

My first boomerang was Aerobie Orbiter, which was lost, hanging on a pine ten meters above the ground. It seemed very unlikely that it would go that far, but… well, it did, and it’s probably still there, in a small park near Piaseczno, Poland.

I got my second one for Christmas 2006. It was a wooden boomerang, Delicate Arch from

I had a lot of fun throwing it. Then I’ve decided I want more of those toys. The one and pretty much only boomerang shop in the internet is, an internet store powered by Yahoo Stores. An alternative was to buy from British eBay, but it didn’t seem like there was a lot of choice, and I’d have to buy each one separately, paying for shipping of each package. From, I could have a whole bunch of boomerangs in one package.

So I made an order for three boomerangs, paid for it, waited, and waited, and never received it. I’ve sent them an e-mail, then a next one, and a next one. No reply. I sent an e-mail to Yahoo Stores, but they sent me back to the merchant… Finally, I called them, they said they’ve sent it, and it wasn’t insured, so they can’t do anything about it. Heck, I was an unlucky guy this time, I thought to myself. I still wanted boomerangs, but didn’t decide to risk it again

When I went to the US for training, I decided I’m going to order some boomerangs, shipping within the United States should be better than overseas. So I’ve made an order, paid for it, and about a week later I’ve received the package. Yay! New boomerangs!

Boomerangs on grass

Then I’ve ordered another set of boomerangs, paid, and got it. Wow, that was so cool! So, of course, I wanted more, a good customer, eh? Well, it seems that thought otherwise. I’ve made my fourth order and waited, and waited, but the package wouldn’t come. So I checked my order status, which read: ON HOLD. I rang them and they said more or less:

“You’re in the United States, you are from Poland and you live in Ireland. Your Paypal account isn’t verified. We don’t know if you’re legitimate or not. We need to protect ourselves a little bit, you know.”

Protect from what?

My Paypal account wasn’t verified at the time, fair enough. But they’ve already got money from me three damn times! If that doesn’t make me a good customer, what does?

My order got canceled and I returned to Ireland without it. Thing is, I still want to buy boomerangs. I used to like this store and I would like to try again, but this incident really put me off.


Author: automatthias

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