White & Nerdy quiz

I suck in quizzes. I participated in one on Friday and I was next to useless. I didn’t know about anything about anything except who defined the three laws of robotics. And I thought that the best selling album of all time was Thriller, while the correct answer was… wait a minute! I was right!

It’s the guy who wrote the quiz that was wrong. Or have I misunderstood the question? That wouldn’t be unlikely, if you only could hear his accent…

There is a quiz card on Weird Al Yankovic’s White & Nerdy music video at about 1:10. If you weren’t watching carefully enough, you might not notice it at all. If you have noticed it, did you wonder what are the questions? In case you did, here’s a transcript.

  • In what city is the largest hall of twine built by one man?
  • What’s the deal with Lindsay Lohan? I mean, seriously?
  • F.D.R. – was he faking it?
  • On what page does Harry Potter die in the next book?
  • What is the melting point of a gorilla’s head?
  • How many Wicket Men are there on a 41-Man Squeamish trans?

If I ever get to write a quiz, I will have something to get started with.