Engineers’ salaries rising in Poland

Seems like I left Poland only to learn that engineers’ salaries have dramatically risen there. I’ve read something almost comical about Polish headhunters. Usually, headhunters work in opposition to each other, fighting for candidates. However, in Poland, headhunters cooperate.

(…) They don’t do that in opposition, but they exchange candidate contacts instead. “Few months after recruitment, my colleague [from another agency] gives a new job offer to an engineer that I recruited. I do the same with another engineer that was recuited by my colleague. Specialists are will just swap places, each one will get higher salary, and we [the recruiters] will have the orders of our clients’ nervous managers fulfilled.” – says Jacek.

The article (in Polish) says that the guy went from PLN 3k up to PLN 14k. Taking into account costs of living in Poland, it’s like earning €14k per annum in Ireland, and the guy is quite fresh on the market. Am I coming back?

No, I’m not. It’s not about the money. It’s about an interesting job.