Keep Behind This Line

You can find this sign on every DART station:



The sign tells us to keep behind the yellow line, that’s fine. We all know that behind is opposite to in front of, right?

Now, I would like to present you an algorithm of finding the correct side of the yellow line:

  1. Get in front of the line
  2. Cross the line to get behind it

Author: automatthias

You won't believe what a skeptic I am.

One thought on “Keep Behind This Line”

  1. obviously, it has to be 1. – the line defines what is behind it and what is in front of it.

    Note that in the UK (well, specifically, in London), they wouldn’t use ‘Keep behind this line’ but instead, the rather famous slogan (famous if you’ve ever been to or lived in London): ‘Mind the Gap’.


    it also has a nice pic which is a good juxtaposition to yours.

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