Donation Europe scam

I’ve just received a comment on WordPress with an alleged “job offer” from a charity organization. The name of the charity was “Donation Europe”.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We’re glad to offer you a position in our company Donation Europe.
We are a charity organization in Central Europe. We help and support the community in Europe to help children of all ages. Donation Europe is an organization which supported by donations.
All information about us you can read at our website
You can earn money and help children with us. We are looking for freelance representatives in EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. Donation Europe receive donations in Europe, you have a possibility to become a “Freelance representative” of our company. You do not need any funds to work and you do not need to find anybody. We hire people for freelance work. You can combine it with your full-time work, 2-3 hours a day are required from you. The salary is 450 – 2500 EUR per week. We have special offer for COMPANIES also. If you have an interest to our proposition and have a desire to help children send your reply to [e-mail at Yahoo]. Our manager will send you more information about the job and the terms of employment.


Renee Johnson
Donation Europe.

Nowoursynowska st. 119,
02-776 Warsaw
Phone/Fax: +48 (22) 389 6535
Charity Registration No.: 101682
Company Registration No.: 2350841

Needless to say, it’s a scam and money laundering. I’ve found some discussions about “Donation Europe” here, here and here. The “business model” of this scam is about recruiting so called mules and using them to launder money.

Author: automatthias

You won't believe what a skeptic I am.

6 thoughts on “Donation Europe scam”

  1. all these are scams. Anyone who replies to them needs their heads examined. the Scamsters want to attract the ‘Stupid, gullible, and Greedy’.


  2. Actually you’re doing a good thing by posting the entire offer and then exposing it as a scam. Many other people, due to desperation/gullibility, would fall for this legit sounding scheme.

  3. I want to do work with you pls. inform me inthe return mail,

    waiting for your reply pls, thanks,

  4. I get these emails daily. I actually saw a report on TV where they send you electronics bought with stolen credit cards and then they want you to forward them to them. Then they still don’t pay you and you’re stuck with the bill for the shipping and the trouble with law enforcement for receiving stolen merchandise.

  5. I received the same email. Thanks to your website. You did a good job in protecting people. Sure, and many thanks to google that I was able to find this website by telephone number.

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