Parallel programming course

I have spent this whole week in the Computer Science and Informatics building. I wonder how did “informatics” creep into the English language; I was taught in 2002 that there is no such thing as “informatics”. There’s only Computer Science. Term “informatics” was supposed to be used only by mistake. German has “informatik”, Polish has “informatyka”, it’s probably those non-native English speakers who just kept using it until even English people started believing that it’s a legitimate English word. A lie told a thousand times… well, what was I… yes, the course.

The main topic was parallel programming, harnessing multiple processors to solve a single, computationally-intensive task such as a weather forecast or a car-crash simulation. There’s more than that, there are many more problems that you can solve and lots of money you save by simulating things for you instead of doing them for real.

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