Screen for gnome-terminal users

I have noticed that gnome-terminal doesn’t handle bold fonts properly. Instead of using a bold version of given font, gnome-terminal displays a kind of widened regular font.

Not really a bold font

In contrast to gnome-terminal, xterm uses the bold variant:

Bold variant is used here
This is enough for me to want to use xterm instead of gnome-terminal, but there’s one problem: tabs.

Everyone who uses Firefox , knows how addictive tabs can be. There are no tabs in xterm, but there is a program called screen, which can do the same job of handling multiple terminals in one window. The only problem with screen was that it uses CTRL+A, N and CTRL+A, P keystrokes to switch the terminals. I am used to do the same thing with CTRL+Page up, CTRL+Page down not only because gnome-terminal uses that, but because it appears to be a standard key shortcut for tab switching in GTK applications. Fortunately, it is possible to configure screen to use those shortcuts. It’s enough to add the following two lines to ~/.screenrc file.

bindkey ^[[5;5~ prev
bindkey ^[[6;5~ next

Another problem with (unconfigured) screen is that there is no status bar showing the list of currently open terminals. This can be configured too, as explained on Gentoo Wiki. This configuration allowed me to switch easily from gnome-terminal to xterm + screen.