People who live in Ireland

The latest poll taken by the Government asked people who live in Ireland if they think Polish immigration is a serious problem:

23% of respondents answered: Yes, it is a serious problem.
77% of respondents answered: Absolutnie żaden. To nie jest poważna kwestia.


Personally, I think that it in fact is a major problem, but not for Ireland. It is a major problem for Poland.


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4 thoughts on “People who live in Ireland”

  1. Yes – maybe temporarily it is a problem for Poland, but we had similar circumstances – an enormous brain drain – in Ireland during the 1980’s and now the country is zooming along. If things don’t improve for decades, then that’s a completely different situation.

    I think Poland has particular advantages that makes it well positioned for economic growth.

    What’s amazing in the world we live in today is that it’s so cheap to travel to different places – you can travel all over Europe now for what once would have been the price of a fare to the UK.

  2. I am so happy I in the end located one different who shares my scenery and ideas. It is excellent to perceive which you simply aren’t weird.

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