VAIO Recovery Disc vs Linux

I have bought a gorgeous Sony VAIO N11S laptop. Exactly the same model as Lenina did.


My VAIO came with preinstalled Windows XP Media Center, together with a couple of applications which I didn’t bother to check out. What I wanted to do is to install Linux on it.

Linux needs space on the HDD, so I needed to make some. I don’t trust partition resizing, so I wanted to clean the hard disk, repartition it and install everything from scratch. The preinstalled Windows needed to be removed.

I knew that I would sooner or later need Windows for my work, so I looked into the laptop box looking for Windows installation CDs, just like with my previous laptop, Amilo Pro V2000D. Surprise: no Windows installation CDs. Instead, there was a pop-up telling me to burn recovery DVD discs. I didn’t have any blank DVDs (must remember: buy DVDs together with the laptop next time!), so I couldn’t install Linux the first night. I bought DVDs, burned the recovery discs and proceeded with Ubuntu Linux installation.

Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) installed smoothly. I was using it for a week, and during the weekend, I decided to try install Windows on the first partition, to have a dual-boot laptop.

I booted the recovery DVD and learned that I can, indeed, recover my VAIO to the state it had on delivery, i.e. with a single operating system on it: Windows.

On other words, they just wouldn’t let me install Windows on one partition. If there is no Windows on the laptop, the recovery disc will always wipe the entire HDD. The only thing a user can do is set the sizes of two partitions (system and data).

I think I will still be able to make it dual-boot, but it will require much more effort: Backup my current Linux installation, install Windows, repartition the disk (leaving Windows) and finally restore Linux.


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3 thoughts on “VAIO Recovery Disc vs Linux”

  1. that’s ridiculous!

    Regarding OS CDs, as far as I know, you no longer get any OS discs with any Windows PC. It’s really silly and one reason for me to f*** M$ off eventually.

    I’ve still got a genuine Windows XP Pro copy from a laptop I bought in 2002 or 2003; however, I’ve installed it too many times so it won’t let me activate it any longer unless I phone their f***ing customer support. It’s bloody stupid. What if you have loads of viruses due to the OS’ vulnerability and you simply need to reinstall it 20 times a year?

    I’m going to have to install it again next week, so I’ll be on the phone to customer support again, explaing that:

    – I’m not using the OS disc on ANY laptop OTHER than the one I originally bought it with

    – I’m NOT using the OS disc on MORE THAN ONE computer

    – I need to REINSTALL it as I had a VIRUS


  2. At first glance that laptop looks exactly like my Apple PowerBook. Of course mine came with no Microsoft tax and a Unix-based OS. 😉

  3. I have this laptop too & i love it.. why you ask? well out the box it sucked but thats only because the touch-pad drivers sucked. once I replaced them with a good ALPS driver life changed. its nice to have horizontal and vertical scrolling.

    I also installed Mac OSX on it and life could not be better. I listed a link to my specs running OSX that has links to all the drivers as well if anybody is interested.

    My only gripes are build quality. its built (like a toy constantly squeaking when you touch it.) and the lack of a Windows Installation disk.

    Lenina is so correct! when I installed the Mac OS on this computer I accidentally erased Windows Xp so now I no-longer have a legal copy. That was just stupid thinking on Sony’s part & I feel they owe me a copy. what if my systems Hd broke down? what ever the case even now its none of Sony’s business what I install on My computer nothing I do or instal should void my warranty including Mac OS since the original hardware is not being over-clocked & remains In tact. so now I suffer because I accidentally erased the OS i payed for? Sony you should have included a disk.

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