eircom broadband prices

I moved in to a new flat about 2 weeks ago, but I still didn’t get an Internet connection. There’s only one Internet provider available in this area, which is eircom (usually typed in lowercase), the biggest Irish telecom.

They have three broadband packages in their offer: 1Mbit, 2Mbit and 3Mbit. I usually try to compare the packages. With internet connection, I usually make a chart with bandwidth and price. Here’s a chart for eircom:

Eircom broadband prices

Difference between first and second package is: twice as much bandwidth, €5 more monthly fee. This surely makes people prefer 2Mbit over 1Mbit.

Their next package, 3Mbit should be constructed in such a way that at least some people would prefer to get 3Mbit instead of 2. So, what’s the difference? Well, it’s 50% more bandwidth and 60% more expensive.

Those prices make no sense. I wonder who sets them and why.