New year, new job, new country

The new year brought lots of new things to me. A new job in a new country, an all that comes along with it. I needed to cancel my flat rent in suburbs of Warsaw, go to Dublin and find myself a place to live.

It all went fine, as I’m currently sitting in a nice apartment in a residential area, about 30 minutes walk from UCD, where I work.

In my new exciting job, I am developing a software package called Genepi, which is designed to perform statistical analysis of genetic data. It is licensed under terms of the General Public License. I am very happy about it ― it’s like a dream come true.

So far, I was mostly writing on my Polish blog, which is being read by my Polish friends and family. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to write both Polish and English blogs. The Polish blog will probably remain my personal blog for the time being.

My trip to Ireland seems to be much easier than the previous one to Denmark. I don’t know exactly, why is that. Maybe it’s that I have more money now? Or more experience? Or simply more luck? Whatever the reason, it is all easy and nice.