PHP on Dreamhost also suffers from 500

My idea for renaming the django.fcgi file into dispatch.fcgi fixed the “500 Internal Server Error” mostly, but not completely. Watching site stats and Google webmaster tools reports, I was seeing “500” errrors popping up every now and then. At first, I thought that there might be still some Django-related problem. My latest observations point out that it’s probably a general issue which concerns both Python and PHP. And possibly, Ruby as well.

My wild guess is that it’s got something to do with the server load. When a server is busy, some processes get killed. When fcgi doesn’t receive any data from a killed process, it returns 500.

So, the questions arises, should Dreamhost be removed from the list of Django-friendly hosts? Or shoud it be removed from the list of anything-friendly hosts? No, it shouldn’t, because it should definitely stay on the list of wallet-friendly hosts.


Author: automatthias

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  1. I’m starting to agree. I constantly use your trick of using the development server to load anything at all. Hmmph.

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