Killing phpBB softly

My Polish forum is powered by phpBB. Undoubtedly, it’s the most popular bulletin board package. It’s free (as in freedom), easy to install and it’s easy to use. Virtually every Internet user had some exposure to it. When starting a new forum, it’s a safe choice.

As the years were passing by and my forum was growing bigger, I started being somewhat dissatisfied with it. Smaller and bigger annoyances were biting me every now and then. I’d like to point out some of them.

  • Search. Its user interface is unnecessarily complicated. It yields unsatisfactory results. As a result, people don’t want to use it and tend to ask the same questions over and over again. A good forum engine needs a decent search. Look at Vanilla’s search, it’s so simple and functional! Although it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to simplify it even a little more
  • Uncomfortable add-ons installation. So-called mods are distributed as instructions on how to modify the code. You have to open files and edit them by hand. One missed dot, BANG! Your forum is down. Want to upgrade your modified phpBB? It’s very likely that you will have to install it from scratch and install all the mods again. That’s why my moderators still don’t have the “merge topics” mod back. (sorry! I’ll try to install it some time!)
  • Crufty URLs. Compare “/viewtopic.php?t=1234” with “/topics/1234/i-like-clean-urls/”
  • Google won’t index it. It’s a mystery. Perhaps Google recognizes phpBB and avoids it. phpBB has a nasty habit of “enriching” its URLs with things that are different each time, generating infinite number of addresses. Google can never know if it has got all the topics from the forum. No wonder it gets discouraged. This causes a major problem: if the forum is not indexed, it doesn’t come up in search results and there ain’t no people coming! I consider it the biggest problem with phpBB.

I could also complain about lack of several features, including tags, ranking, finding similar topics, etc. Many of them are available… as mods of course. Theoretically, I could fix three of above problems, but I once phpBB would require an upgrade, I’d have to edit all the source code again, by hand. It’s the main reason why I wasn’t adding much things to the forum.

I tried installing Vanilla. It’s brilliant, but once I launched a test installation, users who visited it, complained about everything they could. I tried to fix things they were mentioning, but there was one major and inevitable problem: Vanilla ain’t look like phpBB. For example, buttons are in different places. Users are so tied to the existing interface that they can’t stand a button moved from right to left. I gave up with Vanilla.

I considered writing my own forum engine, then started having doubts and finally gave up. It’s too much hassle. Loads of work, data migration, user complaints… I would have probably rewritten the whole thing if I were younger. I would work furiously for many weeks, then force users into the new version, take flame-war attacks on my chest… No, I don’t want to do that any more.

However, I’m still too young to just sit around. Having just a few hours time, I started playing around with Django, writing a model on top of the phpBB database. I was soon able to fiddle with forums, topics and posts using Django’s ORM. I created a read-only forum archive with clean URLs, an RSS feed and a Sitemap for Google. The forum sitemap consists of about three thousands URLs, where each URL is a starting point of a topic. Each topic can have several pages.

My models work directly on phpBB database tables without modifying them. phpBB itself doesn’t even “know” that someone else is reading its dear tables.

My forum users didn’t notice anything. They’re happily using the old phpBB forum. In the meantime, Googlebot is crawling the Django-powered forum archive with dogged persistence. I think it will soon include the archive in its index and start directing traffic to it.

I’ll keep on developing the Django-powered forum. I can do it slowly and on-line. I will add a nice search engine, posts ranking and all other stuff that will come to my mind. Thing is, I won’t be touching the original phpBB tables. If I ever need to extend some models, I’ll just use Django OneToOne mapping. Current phpBB users will be able to use their forum just as they were before. However, all the cool features will be appearing on the new, Django-powered forum. They might find it more useful and start using it instead of the PHP version. It doesn’t need to happen any time soon. I can take my time developing the features as I want them. If they don’t like it, they can always go back to the PHP version.

It will be all soft. There will be no data migration. No forced user interface change. I’m going to slowly attract phpBB users to the new, Django-powered forum interface.

I’ll put all the phpBB-related code in a separate package and once it’s mature enough, publish it. It won’t be necessarily a forum implementation. It will be a Django-phpBB integration layer that will allow Django programmers to develop their own ideas for their phpBB-powered forums.

I’ll be killing phpBB softly.


Author: automatthias

You won't believe what a skeptic I am.

13 thoughts on “Killing phpBB softly”

  1. You can avoid “Crufty URLs.”, “Google won’t index it”, and “Search” troubles with mods. Just spend some time on searching for the right mods.

    p.s. I have none of the problems mentioned except for the necessity to manually edit the php-source. but actually it’s not so difficult 😉

  2. I agree with most of your reasoning. Sadly for me I had to leave phpBB behind, since issues won’t ever be fixed. I find that PunBB provides an efficient replacement, and you may come to like it too if you try it. However, PunBB isn’t perfect either–far from it.

    Most people will tell you to go and get a vBulletin license.

  3. Interesting post there. Enjoyed reading it.. I too am playing around with Django and building a new site in it. We’re currently running a busy phpBB forum too wondering did your model hook onto the user registration of phpbb so that there would be an integrated user registration system?

  4. Users are still using phpBB for registration. All the accounts are available for login in the Django site, it’s integrated.

  5. Hello.

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  6. Sure, you can already pull the source here. The only thing is, that I didn’t make it a separate package. There’s a “phpbb” directory which contains all the phpBB-related code.

  7. Thanks! I’ve svn’d down those files, will hit you back if I’ve questions. Much appreciated 🙂

  8. Aamusta autohajottamo.
    Testamenttasi vuoksi talon kaupungin taidetoimikunta paikkatiedon avoinna suljetaan ja?

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