One day before my oral exam

My MSc oral exam is tomorrow. I am still polishing my presentation and working on squeezing it in 10 minutes. Last time I measured it took me 17 minutes, way too long. There still are some slides to throw out.

I also need to keep my presentation consistent. I loved Adrian Holovaty’s presentation and wanted to put more life in mine by adding some pictures and making it a little bit informal. I didn’t manage to follow this style in a consistent manner, so my presentation was half informal and half formal. I better make it all formal. It’ll be consistent and I never know who’s going to show up on the oral exam.


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3 thoughts on “One day before my oral exam”

  1. Formal all the way! It’s an academic context after all. You can always create a more ‘informal’ version later, for the general public. Universities require formality though.

    GL for tomorrow – what time does it start? Hopefully I’ll be able to wish you GL in chat x

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