Reason for me not to apply

Today’s letter to a recruiting agency.

Dear Mr/Ms XXXXXX,

I am not writing to apply for the advertised position. I would like to point out excessive number of typos in the advertisement, including a mistake in the title: it’s “programmer”, not “programer”.

Other mistakes include:

  1. industties (industries)
  2. solutins (solutions)
  3. diffrent (different)
  4. qalification (qualification)

Low quality of English in the advertisement is repellent. It’s also the reason for me not to apply for this position. I believe that you can significantly improve the feedback once you correct them.

Kind Regards,
(my name)


Author: automatthias

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3 thoughts on “Reason for me not to apply”

  1. That’s great. Someone needed to set the record straight for them. The fact that it was so many of them; that’s just scary.

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