Poland vs the Polish

I’ve heard that there is a stereotype of Polish people being reliable and hard-working. I wonder, if Polish people perform so good abroad, why is their country performing so bad?

It’s not uncommon that good musicians can form a mediocre band, or that mediocre musicians can form a good band. Similarly, Polish people would gladly work hard in Poland if they worked well as a (huge) team and their work was rewarded appropriately. However, this would require the whole society to follow certain rules.

Let me give you an example of the road signs. I was driving a car down a six-lane street (three lanes in each direction). It was straight and there were no crossings. Suddenly, I saw a speed limit sign: 50km/h. WTF? I could safely go 130km/h there. OK, I thought to myself, I’m going to obey the rules. I slowed down from 80km/h to 50km/h. Whizz! A car passed me. Whizz! Whizz! Cars were passing me one by one. When a police car passed me, I accelerated to catch up with it. The police car was going 70km/h under a 50km/h speed limit.

I never obeyed this limit again.

You get such things all the time in Poland. If you try to follow the law, you’re doomed. You will be ripped of with taxes, you will be crippled and just watching people whizzing past you.

What to do then? Well, in order to survive, you need to disregard the regulations, exceed the speed limits and cheat on taxes. Everybody does it.

“They can’t put everybody in prison, can they?”

I would have had hope for better life in Poland if the authorities would be getting smarter. Unfortunately, every government gets dumber and dumber! Current government is so dumb that you wouldn’t believe. Moreover, they haven’t kept a single promise.

I considered running my own business in Poland. I had an idea that might work. I finally decided that I don’t want to do that in this demoralized society.

I rather go someplace else, where there is a point in working.


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2 thoughts on “Poland vs the Polish”

  1. it sounds awful. I read about the Polish government recently on the BBC website. Not very nice or progressive!

    BTW if you want to totally obey the rules, just move to Germany!

    Over here I constantly (have to) bend the rules (_unfortunately_). Only yesterday I was driving down to London with an average speed of 85mph. The traffic limit on motorways is 70mph! If I had stuck to the rule I wouldn’t have arrived home yet 😛

    In my case, I was the one whizzing past the other cars. I don’t understand why people stick to the rules in the first place 😛 – I only do it where it makes sense.

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