Something opposite

A long time ago, computers were not connected in any way. They were autistic and boring, but they felt lonely, so people worked hard and implemented network connections.

Hooray! It was possible to send a message from one computer and receive it on another!

Unfortunately, it soon turned out, that the network connections could be maliciously used, so people started implementing something opposite to the network connections: firewalls. Personal firewalls for Windows 98, in-build firewall in XP, everybody built a fortress around his computer.

Computers were autistic again, but a little less boring because this time it was possible to browse some web.

Somebody thought that maybe computers could be used for something more than web browsing. A new generation of software was born. The software, that makes something opposite to what firewalls do! The software, that pierces them! It can actually send and receive data! Wow!

Wait, didn’t we have this already in the beginning of the ’90s? Eh, never mind. We’re happy now.

Given that everybody installs now software that circumvents firewalls and allows to control their computer remotely, we are more and more concerned about people’s security. I’d like to suggest doing something opposite to what Skype does: second generation of firewalls. Let’s build a laserwall, let’s block Skype, remote assistance tools, p2p programs. Let’s block them all! It will not only improve people’s security, but also stimulate the market to produce next generation of software, that pierces our laserwall.

It’s natural: invent the network to exchange data, fight the network with firewalls to improve security, fight the firewalls to order exchange data, then fight the ones who fight the firewalls to get the security back.

What’s next?


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