Keeping or changing my blog’s profile

This blog was initially intended to talk about technical Linux things, then switched into data analysis. Now, since my thesis writing is over and I don’t currently do any data analysis in my work, it has become stagnant.

I’m thinking whether to stick with the data analysis and Linux or to allow myself to write about variety of other topics which I’m following at the moment.

My primary `social’ blog happens to be in Polish. There’s a great on-line community on Jogger, a jabber-enabled (and Google Talk-enabled) blogging site. I definitely still want to stick with it, so my blogging time is to be still divided between Polish writing on Jogger and English writing here.

I definitely want to keep on writing in English, to develop my writing or at least keep it in shape. That might be the main reason to widen the topic range. It would be better than not writing at all.

My dream was to create a blog with great articles, something like Stevey Yegge. Perhaps I won’t work out just yet. I’ll stick with writing small notes. The time for great articles will come.


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3 thoughts on “Keeping or changing my blog’s profile”

  1. there’s only so much writing you can do though. Why keep up two blogs? Can’t you write the Polish blog in English? Or would that alienate the community there or be unnatural? I don’t see _any_ reason why you’d want to write _anything_ in Polish _anywhere_ on the web. Especially given that I can’t read Polish 😛

    There again, I’m probably at the extreme end of the scale in that I believe in total immersion in something, e.g. language. As such, I wouldn’t really write in German anymore (unless it was a conscious aesthetic decision, e.g., writing fiction in German rather than English)

  2. Maybe you could have ONE weblog in TWO languages, which one could choose on your website. But then you’ll have to write every note in two languages (I’ve already tried it, and after 2-3 times I’ve given up, most of the time you’re only ONCE be able to be spontaneus…).

    I already thought about it, making a weblog in two or three languages for me, because of my german friends. But it took too much time to keep it up to date.

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