Oral exam preparations

Current death-march project in my work was keeping me busy for last weeks. In the meantime, my final oral exam is getting closer. They didn’t tell me the date yet, but said that it’s going to be between 20th and 30th November.

I talked with my supervisor about the oral exam preparations. Since my reviewer is a statistician, I’m probably going to be asked questions about statistics. It means, I got to refresh the basics of statistics and read “Computer-Aided Multivariate Analysis” (Afifi, Clark and May, Chapman & Hall/CRC, 2004).

Another thing is the presentation of the thesis. It’s supposed to be 15 minutes long, so I’ll have to prepare the timing. The previous thesis presentation was supposed to be 15 minutes, but once people started asking questions, it ended up being half an hour long. Well, I can’t ignore people asking questions, can I?

I also tried to find a general guide to oral exam (thesis defense) on the web, but so far I didn’t find anything useful.


Author: automatthias

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