My figurative outbursts

I had a lots of fun putting journalistic and figurative expressions in my thesis. I agree with Lenina and understand that leaving them there would cause more harm than good. While removing them, I felt like I’m removing some of my personality from the thesis. I didn’t want them to be completely lost, because they remind me of the fun I had writing them. The best place for them to live is here.

  • An analytical mind setting a foot on a data set. (And leaving a deep print)
  • …saying that firemen are causing fire.
  • When reliable data is required, it must be 100% verified, period.
  • Data verification is an important issue. However, this thesis may be considered a scenario in case 100% verified data is provided, as the trouble don’t end there.
  • A greedy algorithm and a brutal attack (these are actually legitimate computer science terms).
  • Power of statistical tests.
  • A program would be condemned to be user-hostile.
  • A program doesn’t even say “thank you”.