minus 5 days to go

I have submitted the thesis.

Formalities are not over yet, I need to get a signatures from the library and three other places. I was just about to get them all today, but…

…I got a puncture in the right front tire! The spare wheel is (of course!) unusable: no air in it. I’m currently in a school computer lab, waiting for my uncle who is going to help me get the spare wheel to the service. I’m starting to hate cars. The car I once owned was a disaster, lots of money spent on repairs, finally sold for a very low price. This one is not much better, borrowed from my mother, how could I know there’s no air in the spare wheel? I’ve made a list of things that need to be repaired in it, and I think the cost of repairs will be about half of the car’s value. I just need my formalities done.

Perhaps taxis would be cheaper?


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  1. I am going to receive a call. My friend who submitted his thesis on Saturday is going to defend at the end of October, so I guess I’ll be defending at the beginning of November.

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