minus 3 days to go

  • Grade signatures acquired: 2
  • Theses submitted:0
  • Pakistanians driven to a hostel: 0
  • Grandmas visited: 1
  • Aikido belts retrieved from post offices: 1

Another Pakistanian arrived today. I was supposed to drive him to the hostel, but he somehow didn’t make it to the school, so I couldn’t pick him up.

I have found two professors and got their signatures. One of them was located by sonic means. His voice and way of speaking is so unique, I couldn’t miss him. Even through a door.

I started to read the thesis once more and it turned out that there are things I really want to correct. I’m going to make corrections tomorrow and submit the thesis on Thursday.

The Aikido belt is 220cm and I think it’s a little too short. I can tie it, but the ends are very short then. I need to buy a 280cm one, so I get about 30cm of belt hanging from each side.