minus 2 days to go

  • Number of signatures taken: 1
  • Number of Pakistanians driven to a hostel: 1

I’m starting to feel a relief. Just a little bit. I was contemplating it while being stuck in a traffic jam.

darmowy hosting obrazków

A Pakistanian was walking around the corridor in the school. He had this expression on his face, which I must have often had when I was in Denmark. I felt it was my moral duty to ask if he needed anything. In fact, the list of needs began with the first fundamental need: water.

I helped him with some more things and finally drove him to his hostel. He would never get there on his own. It was far away and we had to actually leave Warsaw for a while and come back to get there. It’s a small part of the city that is separated from the rest by a huge railroad-area.

The Pakistanian used their English. It’s a very special flavour of this language, popular in India and Pakistan. He was pronouncing the word “studies” with such a weird accent that I didn’t understand him until he s-p-e-l-l-e-d it for me.

I finally managed to get some of my stuff done too. I got one signature and picked a trail of one professor.