1 day to go

Cosmetic changes do not take as little time as I expected them to. I’m still creating an index. URLs became magenta for some reason, but I think I can sort it out. I’ve translated the abstract to Polish, just in case.

I have to say that LaTeX has proven to be a very good technology for thesis writing. I’d like to point out two major advantages:

  1. There was a moment, when I stopped paying any attention to the presentation. My task was to enter the content. It does not mean I didn’t examine the PDF every now and then, only to ensure that everything looked fine.
  2. Cooperation with other people was easy thanks to the fact that LaTeX uses plain text source files. I used source control (Subversion) to keep track of every change in the document, and revert changes if needed. Lenina just edited the files, adding comments when needed. I was examining in vimdiff every change she made, reviewing it and merging into my sources.

The biggest trouble I (or rather Lenina) had was the articles. My native language does not have them, so I couldn’t really relate English text to it. Nevertheless, I think I’ve learned more English in last few days than in the previous two years.