2×2×2×2 days to go

It’s 24 days to go. I’ve still got plenty of things to do. Luckily, I’ve also got a schedule agreed with my supervisor, tight, but possible.

I wanted my thesis to contain a nice example analysis. I’ve tried to extract a question from the surgeons I know, but I haven’t succeeded, so my analysis will be a “fishing expedition”. After all my rants about the data structure and the proposed solution, it would be nice if my thesis actually used the normalized data to answer some question. It’s like in La Fontaine’s “The Mountain’s Delivery”:

The mountain and the mouse

A mountain having labor
With clamor rent the air
The neighbors who came running
Predicted she would bear
A city broad as Paris
Or at least a manor house,
But at the crucial moment
The mountain dropped a mouse.
How like so many authors
Who say they’ll set to paper
A vast Promethean epic
But all that comes is vapor.

I don’t want that. I need to think hard on a good example. Or concentrate on the hospitals comparing.


Author: automatthias

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