I need a good question

I need a good question about the congenital heart surgery that can be answered by looking at the EACTS Congenital Database. I’ve so far tried this one:

When a patient has both Coarctation of Aorta and VSD, what kind of treatment is better: one-stage or two-stage?

Unfortunately, there is not enough data in the database to answer this question. There is a difference in mortality, in favor for the two-stage treatment, but the sample size is about 2.5 times too small to statistically prove the difference.

Now, I want to perform an analysis using my new shiny normalized factors. I’ve asked two surgeons already, but no ideas yet. The problem is, that they do have a lots of questions, but the information required to answer them is simply not present in the database.

If no good question is provided, I’ll just do an exploratory research, and hopefully I’ll find something. A good question would be much better, though.


Author: automatthias

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