Mount USB pendrive in GNOME

GNOME suddenly didn’t want to mount my USB pendrives. Dmesg said:

Unable to load NLS charset UTF8
FAT: IO charset UTF8 not found

The solution was to change NLS option in the kernel configuration. File systems -> DOS/FAT/NT Filesystems -> Default iocharset for FAT, set it to “utf8” (previously: “UTF-8”). This is a mess. UTF-8 should be always spelled as “UTF-8”, not “UTF8”, and I’m surprised that the case matters. Anyway, I’m crazy and I use Gentoo. If you want your linux to “just work”, install Ubuntu.


Author: automatthias

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3 thoughts on “Mount USB pendrive in GNOME”

  1. As an alternative to recompiling the kernel and rebooting, one can pass the “iocharset=utf8” to the mount options. gnome-volume-manager can use the options from the device entry in /etc/fstab.

  2. Thanks for this gem. I looked at the help for default nls in the kernel config after reading this page, and sure enough, it’s been changed to “utf8”.


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