Won’t do it until I understand it

When I try to work, but get feel discouraged every 5 minutes, it means that I’m trying to solve the problem in a wrong way, or I’m trying to solve a wrong problem.

It’s the repetitive things that depress me the most. I’m lazy, that’s for sure. I am also unable to do the same thing twice without a mistake. If I’m motivated to my work, it’s mostly the thought that my automation will do the task for me afterwards.

Next depressing thing is implementing something that I don’t understand, something that doesn’t have a clear logical structure. I can derive abstractions and automate it only when I understand it. If a task won’t solve in this way, I am unable to solve it at all. Theoretically, I can go thoughtless through all the points… but I just can’t!

It was nearly midnight when I finally started seeing repeating patterns in my task, that could be generalized. I immediately started a small program which reflects the structure I’ve noticed. What a relief!

  • Every idea is defined once and only once
  • If I make a mistake, I will make it once. The mistake will probably regard everything, but the necessary amount of fixes will be also one.
  • If there’s something that breaks the overall logic of the task, perhaps it should be reconsidered. If it’s an exception, there needs to be a good reason. Otherwise it should be aligned with the rest of the task.

If the management had explained the task to me, I would have saved a whole day of work.


Author: automatthias

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