A piece of code during job interview

“Do you have any further questions?”
“Thank you then, we will contact you.”

I left. When I was outside, I thought: they didn’t ask me to write a piece of code! I was asked, what’s the difference between __getattr__ and __getattribute__, but they didn’t want to see, how do I actually write code.

My favorite author, Joel Spolsky, writes:

Would you hire a magician without asking them to show you some magic tricks? Of course not.

That’s right… so I wasn’t asked to do any tricks nor asked about programming techniques. But I was asked about desired salary, which is always a tough part. I guess a company knows better, how much money it has for an employee. I was told I asked for too much (but they always say that, don’t they?).

So maybe next time I should…

“Do you have any further questions?”
“Yes. Why haven’t you ask me to write a piece of code?”

Or maybe I shouldn’t? It could question the competences of the person interviewing me. I’m not sure if that’s a desired attitude. It could be even perceived insolent.

Maybe it’s about the way of asking the question? For example: “I thought I would be asked to write a piece of code.” Or maybe there’s no right way to say it? Maybe it’s better to keep for myself the thought that they should’ve asked me?

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  1. lenina Says:

    no, confront them! Unless you’re desparate for the job/money. Maybe they were so impressed by you and your CV that they didn’t consider it necessary for you to demonstrate your abilities😉

    I’ve got an interview on Wednesday (job for a big media corporation), and I’m dreading the ‘salary’ question. I know how much I want, but the tricky thing is how to go about it. How to achieve the desired result. I know what my predecessor got as he’s a mate of mine. So I think I’ll just ask for the same (though I’m more qualified I think..). Or I’ll go a bit higher so they can offer me less😀

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