Meeting with the supervisor — finally!

I met my supervisor today. Finally, a man who took the chickling under his shelter.

It’s seven weeks to go and I’m just starting. He made a good point that I should include my previous work as a part of the thesis, and to rephrase the title, so it would include building and using the information system. This way all this work will be a part of the thesis instead of being just “a preparation”.

He was apparently amused by my sized and colored tables. The meeting was about 90 minutes long, and we managed to go through all the most important topics, including comparing the hospitals.

And I’ve already been given a lecture. Good.

So, the plan for the next days is:

  1. Read.
  2. Reimplement the “is part of” disease relation, as many-to-many.
  3. Implement the one-disease-only patients view.
  4. Finish the mapping. Or at least try to map all the old factors to the normalized factors.

Other things to do, but not necessarily today:

  1. Write the table of contents. (again?!)
  2. Rephrase the thesis title.
  3. Find more bibliography.
  4. Type-in quotations from the EACTS papers.

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