How to choose a good watermelon

A girl with a watermelon

Watermelons should be bought as a whole fruits, not in parts. Why? A watermelon that has been cut in half can be wrapped in a plastic bag, but who knows who has touched it with dirty fingers? It’s safer to rely on the insulation of the thick watermelon skin.

How do I know that the watermelon is good, when I can’t see its inside? I gathered some information about it. This knowledge is mixing a folk wisdom with geometry, so don’t expect it to be consistent. It’s just some things I’ve collected.

So, a good watermelon:

  • Has a hard surface. If a watermelon is beginning to ged bad, its skin softens. Not all of it, it’s enough for it to have one soft spot to begin a fermentation inside. You can examine the watermelon by squeezing it firmly.
  • Has a good sound. You can check that by knocking it with your fingers, just like when you play a piano. A good watermelon will respond with a resonant, bright sound. If the response is dull, you can put the fruit aside.
  • Is spherical. As you know, the sphere encloses the largest volume with the given area. So a spherical watermelon has the best pulp-to-skin ratio. You buy watermelons by weight and a spherical watermelon has less skin. It also has better sound.
  • Has a dry tail. This is a Bulgarian (България) folk wisdom. Don’t ask me, why.

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Author: automatthias

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