Should I really write my own forum engine

The software rewriting topic came back to me. I just came across the CADT Model, defined by Jamie Zawinsky.

(…) there is no incentive for people to do the parts of programming that aren’t fun. Fixing bugs isn’t fun; going through the bug list isn’t fun; but rewriting everything from scratch is fun (because “this time it will be done right”, ha ha) (…)

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A piece of code during job interview

“Do you have any further questions?”
“Thank you then, we will contact you.”

I left. When I was outside, I thought: they didn’t ask me to write a piece of code! I was asked, what’s the difference between __getattr__ and __getattribute__, but they didn’t want to see, how do I actually write code.

My favorite author, Joel Spolsky, writes:

Would you hire a magician without asking them to show you some magic tricks? Of course not.

That’s right… so I wasn’t asked to do any tricks nor asked about programming techniques. But I was asked about desired salary, which is always a tough part. I guess a company knows better, how much money it has for an employee. I was told I asked for too much (but they always say that, don’t they?).

So maybe next time I should…

“Do you have any further questions?”
“Yes. Why haven’t you ask me to write a piece of code?”

Or maybe I shouldn’t? It could question the competences of the person interviewing me. I’m not sure if that’s a desired attitude. It could be even perceived insolent.

Maybe it’s about the way of asking the question? For example: “I thought I would be asked to write a piece of code.” Or maybe there’s no right way to say it? Maybe it’s better to keep for myself the thought that they should’ve asked me?


Spin website screenshot
Have you seen the short (8 minutes) film “Spin” from Double Edge Films? You can watch it on-line, or find it as a part of a German television program about the Open-Source and Creative Commons licensed movies. It’s also available in Google Video, but at least on my computer video and audio go out of sync, what effectively destroys the expression of the sound and image. The television program has the best quality. Spin begins in about 24 minutes 30 seconds of the program.

Maybe I’m biased with this, but the Spin’s story is much like software development and bugfixing. I couldn’t think of it any other way that the DJ is a programmer, the city is a program and all the wrong events are software bugs.

Forum with tags

Since 2003, I’ve been maintaining a forum. It was constantly growing, from 60 users to 1800 at the time of writing. As the forum was growing, the demand for moderation work was growing as well. I recruited moderators from the most active and trustworthy users. It helped maintain the order on the forum, but the load on the moderators was constantly increasing.

While learning about the new Web 2.0 services, I got an idea of finding a forum engine with tags. I found a mod for phpBB, which adds tags, but I must confess that I don’t particularily like phpBB and want to move out of it.

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Gentoo installation feelings

Starting from my favorite Gentoo site, I came across this site, where I found this:

“The Gentoo install was like finding a forest, cutting down the trees, breaking a leg, getting out of the hospital, coming back, taking out the stumps and clearing the land of rocks, planting wheat, building a mill, making flower, making dough, then building an oven in which to burn it to a crisp, stealing a cow, milking it, churning the butter, picking berries, making jam. YUMMY! Breakfast is ready, but you don’t have time to eat because it’s time to update everything, including GCC, which also means a complete recompilation of everything.”

ROTFL! You’ve made a good point, to a degree. But do you know what has pushed me out of Slackware?

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Why did they want to tangle diagnoses

Why does the “nomenclature” tangle the diagnoses? Why add a new diagnosis “TGA+VSD” while there are “TGA” and “VSD” already?

The new nomencalture introduces even more tangled entries. Where is it going?

I think it’s because they can’t think of a way to analyze the data with overlapping sets. It’s a run-away strategy. Unfortunately they won’t run away. The overlapping still occurs, because it’s impossible to create a list with al the possible combinations of diseases.

Quality of care evaluation parameters

There are no really precise and good parameters that could be used to evaluate the quality of care in hospitals, which submit the data to the EACTS Congenital Database or similar databases. The databases don’t contain detailed information about patients’ health. Let’s quickly review possible QoC parameters.

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