How to cut a watermelon

How to cut a watermelon so you don’t get the juice in your sleeves.

Required hardware:

  • cutting board
  • pot
  • big knife
  • small knife

Required software:

  • A watermelon

And the screenshots:

The watermelon set

Cut off the hat

The hat is cut off

Cut it in half

Cut off a slice

Cut off the skin from the slice (1)

Cut off the skin from the slice (2)

Cut off the skin from the slice (3)

Cut the inside (1)

Cut the inside (2)

A broader view

Watermelon ready to be eaten

Now you can yeat your watermelon with a fork. You can remove the pips while eating.

See also: how to choose a good watermelon.


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5 thoughts on “How to cut a watermelon”

  1. I actually put the verticle slices in the wedge before cutting it from the bottom, that way, when I make the bottom cut all the individuals fall off.

  2. Hi fruits and veg lovers,

    I have my own technique I developped with years of pratice, i open the watermelon with a corkscrew then I blow in it with a straw, I shake it well and sing an irish song…

    and then all the juice is gone, and the fruit keeps all its crispyness and flavour.

    dont thank me. thank god to have given me this gift with fruits !


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