Wengophone, ALSA and choppy sound

I had some problems with the Wengophone Classic, because it produced a choppy sound with my Audigy Value 2 soundcard (emu10k1 driver). I first made Wengophone work by recompiling it with OSS support instead of ALSA. My Linux is using ALSA drivers with OSS emulation, so probably OSS was doing some kind of conversion (resampling?) that Wengophone couldn’t do without.

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snd_intel8x0 doesn’t block anymore

Since upgrade to Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) on my Amilo Pro V2000D, the sound doesn’t block anymore. It’s nice that all the applications can use the sound at the same time, even after switching the user — the other session is able to use the sound as well.

There is one thing that got worse after the upgrade: the sound skips sometimes. While listening to the musisc, it sometimes suddenly skips few seconds of the music. This is annoying, because then the music misses the beat and it’s destroying the pleasure of listening.

I noticed that it always (I think…) happens in the same moment: about 3 minutes 40 seconds of the song.

UPDATE: I think it’s more like 3:38. And it’s not ALSA, it Rhythmbox 0.9.5 that does that.

Convert DBF to PostgreSQL

A friend of mine just released a converter of .dbf files to PostgreSQL, under the GPL license. He writes:

This document provides a step by step instruction how to convert DBase II, DBase III+, DBase IV and (to some extent) FoxProV2 files to PostgreSQL. This solution is based on the excellent Simple DBase SQL by Michael Lecuyer.

UPDATE 2013-05-18: The link above is still valid.