Four age groups in the EACTS Database reports

I just changed the EACTS Congenital Database reports to show four age groups instead of three. Old age groups were:

  • Neonate (0-30 days)
  • Infant (31-365 days)
  • Other (366 days and more)

New age groups are:

  • Neonate (0-30 days)
  • Infant (31-365 days)
  • Child (1-18 years)
  • Adult (18 years and more)

I’ve changed six reports:

The linked reports are publicly available, so if you’re interested in congenital heart surgery, you can check the reports yourself.

Vim, UTF-8 and ISO-8859-2

How to edit with Vim an ISO-8859-2 file when my system uses UTF-8?

About four years ago I had to fiddle with Vim to make it edit an UTF-8 encoded file, while my terminal (and system) used ISO-8859-2.

I use UTF-8 as the default encoding today. How to edit with Vim an ISO-8859-2 file when my system uses UTF-8?

The first thought was to make it the same way as before, just swapping the parameter values: set encoding to ISO-8859-2 and termencoding to UTF-8. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work!

After some RTFM’ing, I learned about the fileencoding parameter, but setting it to ISO-8859-2 didn’t fix the problem. This was to be solved in a different way.

Vim will automatically guess the file encoding, as long as the encoding is listed in the fileencodings parameter. I use only UTF-8 AND ISO-8859-2 (alias LATIN2) encodings, so adding following line to the ~/.vimrc file fixed the problem:

set fileencodings=utf-8,latin2