I wrote about the kdissert some time ago. After some research I found a similar project, Freemind. Here’s an example screenshot:
Freemind tree example
I like Freemind more than Kdissert for three reasons:

  • Allows keyboard-only data entry. You can use arrow keys to navigate, ENTER to create new nodes on the same level and INSERT to create leaf nodes, F2 to edit note text. This is a great advantage, because mouse usage slows down the process.
  • Does automatic on-screen layout, so you don’t have to waste your time on manual node positioning.
  • Has convenient (press SPACE) branch-collapsing, which allows you to temporarily hide some parts of the tree. Useful especially if you have large and flat tree structure. Please look at the leaves that have little circles on the ends. They are collapsed branches.

Freemind is written in Java and available for Linux, Mac and Windows™.