What’s a diagnosis?

The EACTS Congenital Database website states:

The resulting the International Nomenclature for Congenital Heart Surgery including the Minimum Data Set of 21 items and the lists of 150 Diagnoses, 200 Procedures, 32 Complications, as well as 28 extra cardiac anomalies and 17 preoperative risk factors.

What’s a diagnosis, anyway? Is VSD a diagnosis? No, it’s a disease. So are Tetralogy of Fallot and Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. We can talk about a diagnosis, when certain disease is identified within a patient.

Diagnosis can be also referred to as a set of identified diseases. This is unfortunate, because the nomenclature contains now sets of diseases, for example TGA+VSD. The dictionary of disases should contain single diseases only, and the diagnosis should be defined as a set of previously defined diseases, identified within a patient.


Author: automatthias

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