Tool for the database exploration

I decided to revive my idea of the database exploration tool. It won’t be static HTML files generator, it’ll be a mod_python based web service. Sometimes I wonder, why such tool wasn’t developed before. Now, since I’m starting to make the analysis, I’m becoming a real database user, not an administrator.

Despite I try to create a general tool for the data analysis, I can’t avoid looking at the data directly. I need to examine the data in many ways, and it’s often necessary to look at the specific patient histories to find out, if a special combination of factors was an data entry error, special case or a kind of case that wasn’t considered before.

I want to have trendy URLs, like:


First thought was the mod_python and all custom code, but after some research, I decided to try Django. Its homepage says:

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

The tutorial showed how to get a simple poll service in no time. It deals with the database structure as well. I’ll need to build a Django model for my database and port the data, and then I’ll be able to build a browsing interface very fast. And I’ll have my trendy URLs.


Author: automatthias

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